Rules and Guidelines

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Rules and Guidelines

Post by Jin on Fri 11 Nov - 13:07

Rules and Guidelines

Playing on our server requires to accept the rules below.
If you do not respect these rules, staff members can decide on a sanction based on the offense committed.

Article 1
Insults, remarks on religion, remarks homophobic or discrimination are forbidden.

Article 2
The use of hacks (speedhack, flyhack, tp hack..), addons anti AFK and software (mapping, chat colors..)  is strictly forbidden.

Article 3
Using bugs is not allowed.

Article 4
The harassment is forbidden.

Article 5
Scam is forbbiden and steal the loot is not allowed.

Article 6
You can use 2 accounts only if it's not bother others players.

Article 7
Making some advertising is not allowed.

Article 8
Flood in the chat is forbidden.

Article 9
An insulting nickname, shocking nickname or one about sexual words is forbidden.

Article 10
Volontary abuse of support services can be punished.

Article 11
PvP is allowed only in PVP Zones or in world boss areas. PVP in others area can be punished.

Article 12
Being afk in battlegrounds and not fighting your guild members / friends is prohibited.


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