Rules and Guidelines

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Rules and Guidelines

Post by Jin on Fri 11 Nov - 13:07

Rules and Guidelines

The following rules have been set forth by the Astaroth Staff, any attempt to break them will result in appropriate action against your account(s) and/or character(s).

Article 1 - Player & Community Behaviour
Spam/Flood: Flooding the ASTA|CHAT or any other public channel is not allowed.
Insulting/Discriminatory behavior: Avoid at all costs, insulting someone's country, culture, lifestyle or skincolor. This includes guild chat, whisper and aswell as public channels.
The disclosure of personal information about anyone is forbidden.

Article 2 - Hacking & Exploiting
The use of third party programs that allow you to hack (speed, fly, tp...) are strictly forbidden. Anti-AFK programs/addons or any bots included.
No bug exploiting. All bugs/malfunctions should be immediately reported. This includes anything that gives you advantage over others that abuse the normal system, including incorrectly working spells.

Article 3 - Player vs. Player
Arranged arena matches and any kind of cheat will be severely sanctioned.
Being afk in battlegrounds, not fighting at all or deliberately not fighting your guild members / friends is forbidden.
PvP is only allowed in PvP zones. PvP in other zones can be punished.
Allowing someone to kill you or let you kill his/her character to get honor points is not allowed.

Article 4 - Scamming & Ninja looting
Scamming others by means of trade or any way is forbidden
Ninja looting items that were not reserved is not allowed.

Article 5 - Multiboxing
Multiboxing is allowed (up to 2 accounts maximum), however highly discouraged and will not be tolerated in combination with abuse, such as in PvP.

Article 6 - Account Trading or Selling
Trying to sell, buy, trade or give away your account(s) in any way will end with an immediate and permanente suspension of your account(s), along with all accounts shared by your IP. Remember that you are fully responsible for any action under your account.

Article 7 - Staff and Server Disrespect
Insulting and disrespecting the server will not be tolerated.
Staff impersonation is absolutely forbidden and will be dealt with accordingly.
The disclosure of personal information about staff members (GM's Players names...) is forbidden.
Abuse of support services (tickets, mails...) can be punished.
Advertising other servers is forbidden.

We keep the rights to change the rules anytime, so check this thread from time to time. We also keep the rights to accordingly punish a player without warning.


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