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Public Discord Server

Post by Kata on Mon 27 Feb - 17:02

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Greetings, everyone! We have opened a public Discord server where you can chat with your fellow players and contact the team. In order to join, simply follow this link:

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Some rules on the Discord :

Article 1
Insults, remarks on religion, remarks homophobic or discrimination are forbidden.

Article 2
The harassment is forbidden.

Article 3
Flood in the chat is forbidden

Article 4
An insulting nickname, shocking nickname or one about sexual words is forbidden.

Article 5
The Discord is not a platform for complaints. Any complaints that will be made on Discord will be ignore it. Thank you to posting the complaints on the Forum.


If you want to have a channel as well as a rank for your guild on the server's Discord, you will have to make a request by PM on Discord or a ticket in-game addressed to Kata.

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