Spell Suggestions & Misc

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Spell Suggestions & Misc

Post by Jessil on Fri 24 Mar - 19:01

-Shield of Righteousness hits fairly low
Needs to be buffed 20-30%+ in damage

-Crusader Strike hits less then what it's supposed to
Needs to be buffed 10-20%+ in damage

SPELLS NPC Suggestions:
-Seal of Righteousness = 35 Spelltokens
-Sacred Shield = 35 Spelltokens
-Earth Shield = 35 Spelltokens
-Trueshot Aura = 15 Spelltokens
-Retribution Aura = 15 Spelltokens
-Icy Talons = 35 Spelltokens
-Runeforging = 70 Spelltokens
-Beacon of Light = 25 Spelltokens
-Victory Rush = 45 Spelltokens
-Demon Armor = 20 Spelltokens
-Ice Barrier = 15 Spelltokens
-Mana Shield = 15 Spelltokens
-Lightning Shield = 35 Spelltokens
-Raise Dead = 10 Spelltokens
-Summon Voidwalker = 10 Spelltokens
-Summon Imp = 10 Spelltokens
-Vanish = 45 Spelltokens
-Blade Flurry = 35 Spelltokens
-Cloak of Shadows = 20 Spelltokens
-Evasion = 20 Spelltokens
-Sprint = 20 Spelltokens

-Reanimated Corpse & Unstable Corpse hit for entirely too much (W9)
Nerf damage by 20-30%
-Reduce the amount of Reanimated & Unstable Corpse inside Halls of Secret (top-left room)
-Make Vote Tokens & Credits account-bound. Sometimes players will redeem credit/vote tokens on another character.

Quest Suggestions:
-Implement Daily CPS Quests that involve killing mobs / bosses in W2+ or specific W's. Maybe X1+ as well.
-Rewards would be crystals just like the other quests.
I like the dailies, but I think there should be PvE grinding dailies for <Crystals> as well.
Not everyone is into events & hunting for game_objects :p .
World Boss Quests are fine just how they are.
-Add <Crystals> as a reward for W1-W10 Access Quests. More crystals for each Tier.
W2 Access Quest = 10 crystals . Each tier would increment by 10.
W3 Access Quest = 20 crystals. etc, etc

CPS Vendor Suggestions:
-Supply Bag costs way too much. Decrease to 1,300 from 3,000.
(Traveler's Backpack costs 1,000 with 55,000 Stamina but Supply Bag costs 3,000 with only 60,000 Stamina. Barely an upgrade)
-Add new weps that are comparable to W4 & W9.
W4 Weps = 3,000 Crystals
W9 Weps = 5,000 Crystals
-Add new shirt/tabard comparable to W5 & W10 in CPS Vendor.
W5 Shirt/Tabard = 5,000
W10 Shirt/Tabard = 10,000

That's all I have for now. Will edit when I think of more.

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Re: Spell Suggestions & Misc

Post by tarakki on Sat 8 Apr - 4:43

some spells like mana shield are op for some classes imagine an 11m mana paladin with mana shield that will be too broken :)
but for the evasion spell and the runeforge (if ther's some good enchant for other class than deathknight ) i want them too :)


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