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Report a Player

Post by cloudyr1 on Thu 18 May - 15:24

Hey, I have a screen shot of a guy who calls himself Supersaiyan which he made a raid group and he wanted to die in the raid, i got aggro of 1 mob and i got kicked cz he said stop.The thing is Once i saw him saying stop i stopped and i got kicked and didnt get a reinv and also got ignored.Please bring justice.... [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


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Re: Report a Player

Post by Soltharion on Thu 18 May - 16:00


I was online when this happenned and i've noticed this.

Usually, an act like this isn't recommended but isn't bannable too, but you aren't the first player complaining about this other player, for minor facts as for major facts.

To conclude, the player Supersaiyan will receive a WARN.

The first warn isn't important, the secund one is more effectiv and punitiv, don't try to receive another one.

Thank you,


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