Hunter talent and pulling bugs.

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Hunter talent and pulling bugs.

Post by Dryethx on Fri 2 Jun - 21:01

So first bug is about a hunter talent called [Entrapment] is not working.
It should immobilize the target who enters the trap for 4 sec. (Snake + Frost Traps)

The second the pulling issue.
THIS is needs to be fixed immediatle, as it affects all leveling players.

As I pull and my pet (spirit beast) taunts, or simply just attacks with special attacks, the TARGET after after targeting me, will focus the pet as it should be.
But after, it leaves the combat(or just simpy goes to evade mode) and buggs out. Sometimes I can attack them after this annoying whatever.. but mostly not.

Please fix theese problems as soon as possible.

Best regards,Dryethx.


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