NOT a HUNTARD at all -kite urlife away

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NOT a HUNTARD at all -kite urlife away

Post by Dryethx on Sat 3 Jun - 19:12

Hello guys!
Time to talk a little about hunters. I started here yesterday. With my favourite class hunter. I didn't seen any geared, hunters yet.. I started wondering.. Why so?! The dmg is nice, spells are mostly working fine, having beautiful utilities,pet tmog AND at last, but not at least.. it isn't a boring shit as spamming class. I had fun.. T

Till now. As I reached x1.. I see why people don't play it. Cuz you can't solo, can't make big pulls.
And that's cuz your pet, can't hold aggro. Ofc.. if you know what to do, you can get some 10-13 sec long 100% aggro on your pet, but not any more. Your dmg is waaaaay to bigger than your pet.

So here is my idea in a short version ( I will describe this if I see interest about this with any developers )
- the most easiest way to fix this... I have to kite all day ( and bosses can't be even slowed- so you will die for sure) : add some BM based stats for armor sets. Like : +% dmg for pet +%hp for pet etc.

I would rly make hunter a playable class for some solocontent, DON'T missunderstand me, I don't want a real BM spec where does tons of dmg (more than it's master) .. but some safe feeling.. So I don't have to

kite my life away.


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