Tanking on The Server

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Tanking on The Server

Post by arcain on Sat 10 Jun - 18:35

Why not make a complete gear set for specifically for tanking. Like now tanking is done buy people with attack power gear and has low armor/dodge/resist ect. So the only way a person now can accuratly tank without getting completly destroyed is either by A.haveing alot of spells.  B.having donor gear. The people that are just pretty much getting into the server that wants to make a class just to be a tank does not really have a role to play since any DK,PALA,WARR,DRUID with enough spells can do tanking and as i have noticed warrior is the only class that actually needs a shield to be able to tank since pala can just hop up there with titan grip and tank so completly defeats the point of haveing to look for and rely on someone to actually be a tank.

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