Hey guys, Stylish here!

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Hey guys, Stylish here!

Post by Stylish on Sun 27 Aug - 20:16

Hey what is up everyone, hope you are having a good day! I've been playing this server for a month or so now And i've been enjoying every moment of it, but i just recently made my paladin (Stylish). I hope to have the rest of my time on Astaroth to be a great time! If you guys ever want a friend to hang out with or play with hit me up with a message in game. I am a pretty friendly / chilled person when you get to know me. I love to have friends to play with so i'll pretty much play with anyone :)

Well nice to meet you guys ahead of time! <3

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Re: Hey guys, Stylish here!

Post by Jin on Mon 28 Aug - 1:56

Welcome Stylish! :)

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