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How to start

Post by Thagos on Mon 18 Dec - 15:40

I have been wondering around again Ange and again I had some extra time to write something. rolleyes
Please don't be strict on my english, I'm not native speaker sleepy

Start on here can be really overwhelming, I did learn this the hard way, you can be smarter right now. Keep in mind that these points are made up to help newbies and not everything can be 100% accurate.
1.Take start gear (right next to your spawn point) and go search Sanctuary for dungeons. You want to start at w1.. most of the set from w are soloable.

2. As soon as possible you want to start grinding your CPS level by doing daily quests, which most of them aren't hard at all. The CPS level unlock many functions and locations which you can't access otherwis. In sactuary you can find these npcs easily.. also teleporter has teleport to that location.
Teleporter : CPS Missions - CPS : Manager

3. Every played time is worth it. For your played time you get rewards, specially at the start it's frequently and they are worth it.
You can check it in Sanctuary by finding npc: Tyrande Whisperwind

4. For played time, vote, daily quests, CPS questing etc.. you can get or you get Spellstones, which can be used for buy extra spells from SPELLS, one of the npc in Sanctuary.. like blink, shadow form, blood essence, seal of light, seal of command etc..
For any tank (druid is best atm): frost essence, seal of light, aspect of dragonhawk
For any spell dps: blood essence, shadowform (specially warlock)
For any physical dps: blood/unholy essence, seal of command
Spells for PvP: blink
Spells that are generally good: holy form, titan's grip + dual wield
There are many more you can buy, but these are the easy choice at start

5. Start your quest like The Road -> [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] so you don't have to come back later on

6. Do jewelcrafting proffesion.. the upgraded gems(34haste, 34agility etc..) are worth it for the extra time spent on it

7. Try to win battleground everyday and easily get high amount of honor points. They are used later on, but it speeds up your progression. Also at the CPS quests you have daily quest 300Crystals for Mark of Honor, which is also nice addition to your daily routine

8. Vote everyday. That's a nice way to get credits, spellstones etc.. for your progression

9. Complete quests from Lady Jaina Proudmoore in Sanctuary.. easy way to get credits etc..


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