Troubles when Connecting

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Troubles when Connecting

Post by Soltharion on Mon 8 Jan - 16:42

Hello everyone,

Here I will summarize every problem I've been through with players and how to easily solve them.
Let's begin !

Bad Informations :

This is the easiest issue, it means that your authentification's informations are wrong. You might be using bad logs but it could also be something else:

1) You are using the wrong Realmlist: It's happenning when people aren't cleaning their Cache folder or just not switching your realmlist.
2) You are using the Email you gave in the registration step. In this case you have to use your username and not your Email.

Unable to connect:

This is a more advanced and global error message and it's a little bit trickier to solve. There will be some more solution through time.

1) It might sounds taunty but the server is down. This case is rare ( when we aren't aware of it ) but when this happen, try by sending emails to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] or just simply ask us on Discord.

2)You are playing from a country that is not supported by our host. It's happenning, and more since some days, but we are solving this issue country by country as fast as we can. During this period of time, the VPN option is still available. But be careful with which one you are downloading on Internet.

As you might know, we are using some patches, and they, sometimes, are the main issue. For exemple when you don't have all of them or when you have an old one, your game might act by himself and commit suicide. In this case you just have to update your patches to fix everything and calm down the beast.

Your Firewall or your Anti-virus might block the game startup, you can try to disable them, start the game and see if the problem is still happening.

There also is an issue with some player having some connexions troubles with a perfectly clean game client. The problem might be on the realmlist side:
I'll give you here an alternativ Realmlist, to use only as high despair option: set realmlist
If you cannot access your realmlist or save your changes, you have to change the properties of the file to Read and Write ( Probably previously set on Read Only )

If none of those solutions are working, your game files might be corrupted, you'll sadly have to re-Download our game client.

I hope I've helped you with this post,
If this post doesn't help, don't hesistate to ask for my help on Discord.

Have a nice day and enjoy Astaroth!
Asta Staff

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