Scaling down of X5-X8

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Scaling down of X5-X8

Post by Rated on Tue 9 Jan - 22:09

Hey everyone!

I wanted to make a suggestion towards scaling down of Mobs/Bosses in X5 thru X8. Ive noticed that as an X6 Geared Paladin that I still get 1 shotted by monsters in X5 thru X8. Now, I understand that the Higher Xtremes are meant to be challenging, but considering the amount of people you need to do these Raids, and how hard they hit it makes it nearly impossible to do.

25 people is hard to come by with the amount of stuff there is to do. I suggest scaling it down to 10, MAYBE 15 people, and scaling the Damage output of monsters in these Xtremes down. The health can stay the same, but being hit for more than double my Health (Currently 30m), makes it impossible to even stand against these monsters.

You pretty much NEED a DONOR Bear Tank to even do these Xtremes.

I hope yall read this and find it helpful for future events and instances!


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Re: Scaling down of X5-X8

Post by Junik on Wed 10 Jan - 9:51

I think you're new here right? No you don't need donor druid for tanking,normal druid is enough. That's just normal dmg for this server. This has already been discussed in my topic about tanking classes. Damage is calculated for druids,they have really high dmg absorb and that's the problem. If they scale their dmg down then druids will be able to solo instances because they will take almost zero dmg. Also instances are really easy here,main problem is that people don't know tactics.


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