List of suggestions

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List of suggestions

Post by HelloItsMe on Tue 6 Feb - 9:13

Hey I got some ideas so here it is.

- buff bandages so they can be used in arenas

- having +20% more damage in battlegrounds as rogue because *rogues are weak in silver* is a bad implementing of this idea. Rogues are more balanced in silver battlegrounds but they are once again weak out of battleground when they want to duel for example. Buff them by 20% everywhere and give them 20% damage reduce in bronze battlegrounds and instances maybe?

- add head and shoulder enchant scrolls for crystals or whatever you consider appropriate

- make Ice Block cost 0 mana so that Warriors can use it (Maybe not... it would make them even more op)

!- Bring 1v1 arena back :)

Will add more suggestions later.


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