PVP, arena nerf prices (suggestion)

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PVP, arena nerf prices (suggestion)

Post by MGudraa on Thu 8 Feb - 15:39

Hello, I think prices for arena equipment should be nerfed a bit, I get 1k arena points per win, so I have to win 85 times in order to get 1x set piece which is crazy and most of arena teams don't get that much arena points per win. And arena is not being played all day + for high rating teams 2 minutes que time kills the fun (maybe it should be lowered to 1 minute). CPS xp we get from arenas is good (useless for lvl60 tho). Implementing PVP3 weps to be obtainable by Credits kinda killed arena and made it useless (what I'm saying is that it's easier to get weapons through credits farm voting/donating and focus on other aspects of game rather than farming arenas). So if you want to see more arena action on server I think you should either nerf prices or increase the ammount of arena points we get per win/lose! :)



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Re: PVP, arena nerf prices (suggestion)

Post by Jeezybaby on Fri 9 Feb - 20:34

85 games for 1 piece isnt bad. They need to make the server better in order for more people to play and want to play arena. Not just make it cheaper for you.


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